Safal Yoghurt

Safal Yoghurt
Safal Yoghurt is made from processed milk of cows and buffalo using the best technology and quality lactic culture delivering thick and creamy yoghurt. It is good in taste and rich with valuable nutrients. Due to its unique digestion properties, Safal yoghurt can be use as a dessert in festivals and parties.


  • 500 ml Packet
  • 200 ml Cup
  • 500ml Cup
  • 1 Ltr. Cup

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Approx/100 ml
Energy(Kcal) 63
Milk Proteins(gm) 3.5
Carbohydrate(gm) 4.7
Milk Fat(gm) 3
Vitamin A (IU) 127
Calcium (mg) 121
Riboflavin(Vit B2) (mg) 0.14