Food Safety Policy

Food Safety is a systematic approach for protection of foods against contamination, adulteration and spoilage.ISO 22000 integrates the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and application steps developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It provides a preventative approach to identify, prevent and reduce food-borne hazards. This is to minimize the risk of food poisoning and to make food safe for consumption. 

Food safety commitment :

  1. Satisfy our consumers by producing and manufacturing safe and good quality of dairy products by fulfilling food safety and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. We shall strive to achieve high standards of food safety of dairy products which are safe for human consumption.
  3. We shall control our process and product parameters to ensure the product quality and working environment.
  4. We shall continually improve food safety management system and effectively implement the same.

Employee safety and Health Policy :

Sujal Dairy Pvt. Ltd. treats its employee as its important asset and is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment .Accordingly the aim of SDPL is to prevent injuries and maintain occupational health by following activities:

  1. Develop and design, process and plants which, as far as is reasonably practicable are safe and without risk to health. There is adequate lighting and ventilation in the work place.
  2. Operate and maintain plants within the designated safety criteria throughout their working life.
  3. Provide the medical facilities for immediate first aid. First aid box with basic medicines are kept at main entrance gate.
  4. Paid leave is given to the injured person for the rest.
  5. Company provides medical insurance to the injured and ill person depending on the nature of the injury and sickness.