Safal Ghee

Safal Ghee
It is made from pure butter of cows and buffalos milk. Due to the purity and care production procedure, Safal Ghee assures a great aroma, flavor and taste to the food, making any day a special one with Safal Ghee. Being produced with the pure Dairy butter in strict hygienic condition by state of art technology and proficient support staffs, it has got the best quality that can be seen in its texture and aroma. Assured quality of 100% pure could also be felt by tasting the mouthwatering snacks and treats made from Safal Ghee. Nepal is a country with festivity and occasions. Those festivals and social gatherings are beautified by different kinds of foods and snack: Shel Roti, Pulau, Puri, Haluwa, Sweets etc. In all those mouth watering treats, Master Chef’s king of the ingredients could be Safal Ghee.

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Approx/100 gm
Energy(Kcal) 814
Milk Fat(gm) 99.5
Saturated Fat (gm) 62
Polyunsaturated Fat(gm) 4
Monounsaturated Fat(gm) 29
Protein(gm) 0.28
Potassium(mg) 5
Cholesterol (mg) 256
Sodium(mg) 2

Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Sugars, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.
SKU :500 ml pouch, 1 ltr. Pouch, 500ml Jar & 1 Ltr. Jar.