Deliciously Nutty Crispy:
Sujal Dairy Pvt. Ltd a manufacturer of Lovebirds Premium Ice cream has launched its New Product- LOVEBIRDS CHOCONUTTY in Market with a theme Deliciously Nutty Crispy from 3rd Shrawan 2073 from Kathmandu Market. Lovebirds Choconutty is a perfect ice cream feast with wholesome taste of chocolate, Vanilla and fun of crispy wheat crips which is delicious in taste and big size meal.
The Product is of world Class in Quality which is available in affordable price that is Rs.60.It is a unique product in terms of product innovation, Packaging design and quality of product itself which is launched in Nepal for the first time.
 Lovebirds CHOCONUTTY can be a consumed during a friends gathering or reunion or casual meet they can share a good moment along with enjoyment of deliciously Nutty crispy ice cream with a fun of wheat crisp and make their moment memorable.